Module V - On Astrology

When your parents showed you, your 'Janampatri' you started wondering 'how this chart can tell me about my life'?
You got surprised again, when your sister's Janampatri was needed for matrimonial match making.
You were further surprised to see that how panditjee told every thing about you just by reading your Janam Patri.
There are several such occasions where we do get curious to know about every thing unbelievable around us. You know that all Stars, Planets, Moons etc, move systematically without colliding with each other, because they have fixed path to follow. We also have fixed path of our life, but we are not aware about it. Only astrology and related science can tell us about the 'Path of our Life'.

This module of 8 lectures will try to give correct and logical answers about our Ancient Science which sometime you belive, sometime you don't. The teacher will have scientific approach towards the subject, so that you believe in reality and ignore the myth. You will get freedom to discuss your problems as case study and ultimately you yourself will find solutions.

Day-wise Course Breakup

Day 1 Introduction to Astrology, Zodiac Signs and Solar System. Planets, Rashis, Nakshatras. Planets, their Natural characteristics related to human life. Casting of Horoscope- Birth chart, Lagna, Casting of other 11 houses. Houses, Bhavas, Planetary strength, significance of house with planets.
Day 2 Vinshontari Dasha system- major and minor periods. Nakshtras- at the time of Birth, its effect on person.
Day 3 Effect of Rising Signs- Lagna Rashi and Janma Rashi. Effect of planets in different houses (Bhavas). Effect of Lords of Houses 1, 2, 3, etc. Rahu and Ketu as shadow planets, when posted in bhava 1 to 12.
Day 4 Judgment of Horoscope of Lagna, Chandra Lagna, Kaarak and strongest Planet, case studies.
Day 5 - 6 Yog–Auspicious and inauspicious combinations of planets in Horoscope. Few important Yog for Wealth, Fame, Raj Yog, Panch Mahapurush Yog etc. few case studies.
Day 7 - 8 Result of Dasha (Major Periods), Antardasha (Minor Periods) few case studies. Effect of Transit of Planets (Gochar Phal), few case studies.