Module IV - On Occult Science

Every person has natural desire to learn. Throughout life we keep learning about some thing and acquire wealth, yes wealth of knowledge, the treasure which no body can rob. You hear about subjects like, Numerology, Palmistry, Hypnotism, Vaastu etc, but don't learn about them thinking that there is no application, so they remain Mystery for you. But we know that you will find it very interesting once you start learning them. This module named 'Occult Science' will help you to remove all myths about these and understand reality.

With the knowledge of Numerology make right decision to select your telephone number, car number, house number etc which will give you prosperity.

Look at the palm of the person just for a minute and understand his/her nature, emotional matching for friendship, business partnership and many more.

You can rearrange environment at home/office and enjoy healthy living by using knowledge of Vaastu. And get rid of many emotional and psychological problems such as Stress, Depression, Migraine etc by using knowledge of Hypnotism.

This module will offer you brief and essential knowledge about these subjects, so you will believe and make their best use, to make life comfortable.

Day-wise Course Breakup

Day 1 to 4 Introduction to Numerology – Numbers, Master Numbers, calculation with date of Birth. Number with your name, connection between your name and date of birth. The life path of individual number. The planes of expression, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Intuitive Number, Special Number.
Day 5 to 8 Introduction to Palmistry – Study of shape of Hand, shape of Finger, Thumb, Finger mounts- area of Planets. Lines- Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line and other important Lines and their prediction. Ring & Circles. Combined prediction as 'Yog', few important Yog will be discussed.
Day 9 to 12 Introduction to Vaastu, defects and effects. Problems in structure - identify and look for remedies. Practical application to create healthy environment.
Day 13 to 16 Introduction to Hypnotism (Sammohan) - How to Hypnotize? Individual's Hypnotic power – How to develop them. Self Hypnotism- Method, effect and benefits. Hypnotism and self Hypnosis to deal with emotional and mental issues. How to overcome addiction using Hypnosis.