Module III - On Naturopathy

When you fall sick, you generally go to physician or nearest Nursing Home. The doctor listens to you and asks you to get one, two, three, or more different lab test. You do get reports after one or two days, only after that doctor gives medicines. Some time he even demands more test and X rays. If you go just 100 years back, thing were not like this, Doctor use to check pulse, or use stethoscope to read heart beats and give medicine. In fact we don't need any medicine. We can get cured naturally in a day, two or three just by taking bed rest. Have you seen any animals going to Doctors? Similarly you have not seen any plants, trees going to doctors, because even though they become sick they get cured naturally. The human body is fool proof. Illness comes out of disorder in our system. Disorder comes out of malnutrition, or bad habits. In naturopathy body's tendency towards naturally getting cure is increased. Also the medicines are in the shape of control diet and carefully selected and commonly available herbs. The science of Naturopathy is existing and practiced for thousand of years, but today we are not aware about it.

This module offers brief knowledge about structure of Human Body, its internal systems, commonly found disorders, its root cause, and remedies. Emphasis is given on how not to fall sick by practicing controlled diet and stopping bad habits. Awareness will be created towards ill effects of prolonged use of certain drugs and antibiotics.

Day-wise Course Breakup

Day 1 The Law of Nature, Vital force for natural cure. Importance of fasting. Natural vs Artificial food, ill effects of modem medicines. Human Body, simple Anatomy, disorder of digestive system and treatment through exercises, Hydrotherapy and house hold remedies.
Day 2 Intestinal parasites (worms) and remedies. Disorders of the mouth, teeth, gums and remedies. Respiratory Disorders like Asthma, Bronchitis common Cold etc. Preventive measures and remedies.
Day 3 Disorder of Ear, Nose, and Throat and remedies. Problem related to Eye, exercise Diet and treatment for Eye disorders.
Day 4 Skin Disorder like Acne. Treatment through Diet cure, Hydrotherapy and Breathing exercise.
Day 5 Musculo- skeletal disorders such as Backache, Rheumatism, Arthritis etc. House hold remedies, Diet and exercise.
Day 6 Urinary Disorders due to Kidney and Bladder functions, Prostate Gland and Kidney Stones. House holds remedies, exercise and preventive tips.
Day 7 Headache- it is a symptom not a disorder, different type of headache and house hold remedies. Treatment through Massage, Yogasanas and exercises. Nervous Disorders like Migraine, Sciatica, and its remedies. Diabetes, Nutrional Disorders- Vitamins deficiencies and house hold remedies.
Day 8 Emotional Disorders, Hypertension due to circulatory system and nervous system, controlled diet, exercise and Yogasanas as remedies. Addictions and remedies interactive session for case studies- students' problem and suggestion of remedies.