Module I - On Spiritualism

There is always a right and wrong way of handling things. Every business house works on right strategy to develop business in progressive manner. Similarly we have to develop strategy of our life- the right way to lead our life.

Spiritualism alone can guide you. Once you achieve spiritual growth, the inner light will take you towards right path and keep you away from wrong. What is necessary is that, you should be mentally prepared to achieve spiritual growth.

“Clean your slate (mind) and start writing new all over again”

Most important thing is your own attitude towards your life, as well as towards other members of Society. This module of Eight Lectures will deal with theoretical explanation, practical approach and few case studies. Freedom will be given to interact with teacher and clear all doubts. Teacher will follow logical approach towards present day situations. Emphasis will be given to explain 'application of ancient concept with contemporary situations at home, at college, at office and in Society. This module will motivate change in individual's attitude, more acceptability of thoughts, and develop new vision towards life.

Day-wise Course Breakup

Day 1 Orientation and Motivation on the need of learning 'How to live Satisfied Life'. What is Spiritualism and Spiritual Growth?
Day 2 Who are you? You are Soul not a body- Spiritualism is to know about Aatma and Paramatma? What is a right strategy of life to move towards Spiritualism?
Day 3 How to connect body with Mind, Mind with Vital force (Heart) Heart with Soul and Soul with Supreme power?
Day 4 Understand 5 enemies of Life – 5 Vikaras (Kaam, Krodh, Moha, Lobh, Ahankar). How to recognize them and stay away.
Day 5 Role of relations in Life- the difference between Personal Life, Family Life and Career Life. How to maintain balance among them.
Day 6 4 objectives of Life- Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh. How to achieve first 3 to move to wards 4th. Theory of Moksha- Paap, Punya. What is Prarabdh? Karma Theory and Rebirth.
Day 7 Discussion on Individual’s problems. Interactive session and case studies.