Diploma in Holistic Living

Life always moves in forward direction. When a baby is born it is small in size, it can not recognize parents, also it can not respond to any action, because its brain is not developed. Then day by day it keeps growing. The body grows to its full size within around 18 years; this is called Physical growth (Shaaririk Unnati). We do take proper diet, physical exercises and necessary knowledge to attain full growth of body. Along with body, mind also grows, with the help of learning at home, school and college. This is called as Mental Growth (Bauddhik Unnati). After completing education a person generally takes up job and starts earning money, first for himself, then for his family and next to make their future secure. This is called as Economic growth (Aarthik Unnati). Generally people stop here. But man's final growth is to discover the purpose of life and achieve the goal for which God has offered him life on earth. This is called as Spiritual growth (Aadhyatmik Unnati). Presently we don't find this growth in people, mainly because (a) there are no grand parents at home to give this knowledge (b) Secular type education at school and college has no provision to offer religious studies and (c) Society gives more importance to money and physical entertainment. Most people some time realize this lack of Spiritual growth and discover that their present life has gone waste, and they die unsatisfied.

Now Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Centre of Indology is making effort to provide exposure to a satisfied life. By joining Diploma in Holistic Living, you will be taking first step towards your Spiritual growth. Discover yourself and lead life in right direction.

Course Structure

  1. Duration of course is one year divided into 5 modules.
  2. Classes will be conducted on Sunday only. In the form of two lectures of one hour 15 minutes each with 30 minutes break in between.
  3. The course is modular. At present five modules are offered, more modules will be added in future. Student must attend first module which is compulsory and additional 3 modules to qualify for Diploma.
  4. To qualify for Certificate and Diploma, you have to show 80% attendance and submit evaluation task.
Module 1 Introductory Knowledge of Spiritualism Duration: 6 weeks
Module 2 Introductory Knowledge of Yoga Duration: 8 weeks
Module 3 Introductory Knowledge of Naturopathy Duration: 8 weeks
Module 4 Introductory Knowledge of Occult Science Duration: 16 weeks
Module 5 Introductory Knowledge of Astrology Duration: 8 weeks
Eligibility Person above 16 years of age who can read, write and understand English and Hindi.